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Tungsten Carbide Thermocouple Protection Tube

Protection tubes are used to protect sensors, usually thermocouples, against contaminating atmospheres and mechanical damage.


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 Thermocouple Protection Tube


 Tungsten Carbide


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 Place of Origin:

 Sichuan, China

Product Speciality

Tungsten carbide thermocouple protection tube typical applications include furnaces, combustion chambers, crucibles, casting implements and desulfurization units.The hardness of our tungsten carbide delivers excellent corrosion resistance against aggressive media and high abrasion and erosion resistance.

  •  Withstands extreme temperatures.

  •  Delivers excellent thermal conductivity.

  •  Exhibits excellent corrosion and wear resistance.

  •  100% complete inspection, not sampling inspection, to ensure that every product delivered to our customer is up to standard.