About Us

Chengdu Doma Carbide Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in Zigong in May 8, 2009, with the opening of two product lines of high-end carbide tools and wear parts, and in 2012 we moved our management and marketing department to Chengdu, where the advantages of information exchange are more obvious.

In 2014, Doma started a one-stop sourcing solution plan, and with the advantage of information exchange in Chengdu, we continuously visit and cooperate with various high quality tool manufacturers in the industry, so far has become a shareh
older of more than 10 high - quality tool manufacturers.

We have a complete range of tools in tungsten carbide, HSS, etc. to meet all your machining needs with high efficiency. Our carbide wear parts are also second to none, they are used in a variety of applications and have superb wear resistance.
Tell us your cutting and wear problems, we will solve them for you absolutely.