Carbide Burr Set

TA02 Carbide Burr Toolbox

Item No.: TA02
Carbide Burr Toolbox - 10 pcs carbide burrs + hand-held pneumatic tool
PE-HD slap-up plastic box, the types of carbide burr can be standard configuration or according to customer requirements, supporting a brand hand-held pneumatic tool.

♦ Content Details: PE-HD slap-up plastic box x1, hand-held pneumatic tool x1, carbide burr x10, collet for 3mm shank x1, collet for 6mm shank x1, air inlet connector x1, the wrench for changing collet x1.

♦ Application: They are driven with hand-held pneumatic tools in the tool box, suitable for woodworking carving and mold repairing and so on.

♦ Carbide Burr Toolbox Advantages: Easy to carry, assemble and store, fully equipped carbide burrs and pneumatic tool, you don't have to buy them separately, it suitable for woodworking and carving enthusiasts or general family use, also suitable for tool supermarkets to sell.

♦ Brand Advantage: Doma carbide burr toolbox more focus on brand quality construction, no cutting corners, the carbide burrs in the toolbox are produced by ourselves, the hand-held pneumatic tool is selected strictly from many pneumatic tool manufacturers, facts have shown that we can be trusted.