Carbide Inserts

Sugar Grooving Insert

Item No.: 30° 、35° 、40° 、45° 、50° 、55°
Shape - Customize by Drawing
Sugar grooving insert is used on sugar roller grooving tool in grooving v shaped grooves of sugar roller.

Application: Sugar grooving insert, it is also called sugar roller grooving insert, it is the working part of roller grooving tools used in machining the grooves of sugar roller  in sugar industries.

Effect: Grooving v shaped grooves of sugar roller with angles of 35 degree, 40 degree, 45 degree, 50 degree, 55 degree.

Advantage: Doma have had experience in manufacturing sugar grooving insert for ten years:

1, The most complete ready-made molds for all angles and dimensions of sugar grooving insert.

2, Finished size, no reprocessing required, and our dimensional tolerance control is very strict.

3, Solid carbide with 100% virgin WC powder, precision control, excellent physical and mechanical properties.

4, Spot supplies of commonly used angle.

Match equipment: Common sugar roller grooving tool holder.