Sealing/Bushing Field

Water Pump Bushing

Water pump bushing is a wearing part, it is designed to protect the spindle from wear and tear.


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 Water Pump Bushing


 Tungsten Carbide


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 Place of Origin:

 Sichuan, China

Product Speciality
The water pump bushing plays a role of positioning or protecting the shaft on the rotating shaft to prevent shaft wear. In addition, the water pump bushing has a low hardness requirement on the rotating shaft, even the shafts can be used without thermal refining, thus, it reduce the processing difficulty of related parts.

  •  We use WC+Ni grade of tungsten carbide, no any Co, it will not cause any pollution to the water, it can be safely used in the pump for drinking water.

  •  A water pump bushing made of tungsten carbide, the hardest material next to diamonds.

  •  The radial run-out of our water pump bushing is controlled within 0.02mm.

  •  100% complete inspection, not sampling inspection, to ensure that every water pump bushing delivered to our customer is up to standard.