Tungsten Carbide Side And Face Mill With Parallel Tooth

With carbide welding blade, according to different processing materials, can be customized with different grades of carbide blade.


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 Tungsten Carbide Side And Face Mill


 Tungsten Carbide, HSS





 Place of Origin:

 Sichuan, China

Product Speciality

Application:  Tungsten carbide side and face mill, it is also called face mill、end mill、disc mill、tungsten carbide  milling cutter, suitable for cutting right-angle corners or grooves,can also be used for cutting the corners of forged parts, please use with cutting fluid.


1, Offer long life and faster cutting speed, low friction coefficient, good wear resistance.

2, Our dimensional tolerance control is very strict.

3, Spot supplies of commonly used type.

4. Different grades of carbide welding blades are available, like: YG、YW、YT, etc.

Tips: In the case of heavy machining or high-speed cutting, a keyway should be set, also when the outer diameter is greater than 100mm, a keyway should also be set to increase the stability of the tool body and gripper.