Wear Parts
Wear Parts

Because tungsten carbide materials with superior physical and mechanical properties, it has high hardness, strength, wear resistance and corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance of the comprehensive characteristics, therefore, it is widely used in the field of wear parts in industry, in recent years, tungsten carbide materials has become the best choice to replace other wear-resistant steels in a variety of industrial applications.

Tungsten carbide materials is suitable for the manufacture of high temperature resistance parts, wear parts, corrosion-resistant parts, mechanical parts and molds and so on, such as carbide roll ring, carbide anvil and pressure cylinder for manufacturing synthetic diamond, precise die mold, sealing ring, plunger, nozzle, bearing, bushing, a variety of wear-resistant and corrosion resistant parts and surface hardening inlay welding, spraying materials, etc.

After years of dedicated research and technical accumulation, Doma carbide company can provide customers with integrated wear part solutions. With rich experience, excellent technology and quality service, we have won the recognition and trust of the majority of customers in the market.