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Tire Reamer Bit

In tire repair, before we plug the tires mushroom nails in the broken hole of pneumatic tires, we need to use tire reamer bit to clean the rust, chippings and other impurities include steel wire layers in tire to create a clean, smooth and consistent passage so that the tires mushroom nails can fit better with the broken wall inside the pneumatic tires for better sealing. And when you use tire reamer bit to drill the broken hole on the tire, there should be a movement of force back and forth to drill the hole, this will make the inside of the hole smoother and easier to seal with plug. In addition, you still need a low-speed electric grinder or pneumatic tool with a maximum speed of 500 rpm to help you complete this work.

The tire reamer bit made by us use our specially-made carbide grade, with sinter-hip technology, finished by five axis precision CNC grinder. After countless tests, our tire reamer bit there is a longer service life and higher efficiency than other brands.